Bodybuilding Supplements

There is no doubt that this is the most asked question in the industry.  This would be followed up with what would be the best supplement to take.  I think that it is only human nature to be looking for the “magic pill” or the “holy grail” of bodybuilding supplements.  The truth of the matter is that there is no such thing.  Although there are some supplements that will make you reach your goals a little sooner and maybe help you at times when you are thinking about grabbing a piece of chocolate.  At no time should a supplement be considered a complete replacement for whole and healthy foods.  Yes we know that ostarine has the ability to really make a huge difference in your workouts however, the fact of the matter is that we will still need to get the proper nutrition.  Otherwise all of the hard work and money spent on these supplements will have been for nothing.

When choosing a supplement regiment you need to take into consideration what your goals are.  Just like when you chose what exercises and food you need to take, you will need to follow the same philosophy with your supplements.  Once you have figured out exactly what you want as an outcome then you can put together a powerful combination of supplements that will take you to the next level.

There are some very essential supplements that pretty much everyone will need to consider if they are even a little serious about working out.  These include Protein Powders, Multi Vitamins, Carbohydrate Powder, Meal Replacement Bars and Drinks and a Pre Workout Drink.  Now there are a ton of other supplements that may be needed to achieve your desired results.  Again, these are the bare bones to any successful routine.


Meal Replacements

Now when we are talking about Meal Replacement we are not referring to a protein shake or a bar.  There are a really good amount of actual meal replacements on the market that have real food in them.  This may sound funny to talk about under the supplement section.  However, it is vital to get enough good calories in a day.  For those of you that are serious about working out you probably know that it seems like you are eating from the second you get out of bed until you lay your head back down at night.  It’s because of this that you need to be creative about how you get your meals in.  Most of these meal only need to be boiled and usually only take about 7 – 10 minutes to prepare.  This will allow you a quick meal when time is of the essence.


Protein Powder

Protein Powders are a huge part of any dedicated bodybuilders routine.  The great thing is that they can be consumed just about anywhere.  For most of us we are busy and always on the go.  So there will be times when we don’t even have 10 minutes to set aside to get a meal replacement in.  This is where the protein powders come in so handy.  They are most commonly mixed with water for those that are really on the go.  It’s very easy to purchase a plastic shaker bottle that you can add the protein powder to before you even start your day.  Then later you just add a little water and give it a little shake , then presto you have very nutrient rich and powerful meal replacement.  Now I wouldn’t recommend getting in the habit of using the protein powder for every single in between meal.  I would say that as a meal replacement you would only want to do this once per day.  It is also recommended that you take a little protein with each meal.  When you are working out hard you will be punishing your muscles and pushing them to the limits.  They will need a large of amount of protein to help them recover from these workouts.  One of the best times to take your protein shake is as a post-workout drink.  Many people will actually use milk and make this a little thicker to feel like they are getting a little desert in the evening after their workout.


Multi Vitamins

It would not be a good idea to overlook this very important group of supplements.  As we work our muscles and push our bodies to the extreme, we also break down our muscle and tissues to a point that they need repair.  We also deplete our bodies of essential vitamins and minerals that are essential not only to our muscle growth, but also our overall well being.  Many bodybuilders tend to forget to get a good multi vitamin.  As a result you will find many of these bodybuilders tend to get just about every illness that comes there way.  The reason for this is that their immune system is always fighting and never has enough in the tank to battle of things like the common cold and flus.


Carbohydrate shakes

What?  Did someone say to consume carbs?  It has been a curs word in the health industry for years now.  Just the mere mention of the word “carb” makes most cringe.  Well it’s time that we put that behind us and start getting on board with some of the most cutting edge research that we have available.  We actually need carbs to build muscle and replenish our bodies carbs that we burn during our workouts.  Now of course we don’t want to go out and consume foods and beverages that contain sugar and white flour.  That would be doing nothing for us and will ultimately have us gaining weight.  We can look at foods that have good carbs such as vegetables as well as carb shakes that contain good starches.

One of the common misunderstandings about carbs is that we need to cut them down to the bare minimum to gain mass and not fat.  Well the problem with that theory is that our body needs carbs and it knows it.  So what will happen if we decide to deprive our bodies of these carbs is that it will start storing fat.  This is the last thing we want to do.  It is highly recommended to consume some of these good carbs just after a workout so your body feels like it has what it needs and doesn’t need to store any of the carbs that you consume during the day.