Bodybuilding Nutrition

Most bodybuilders understand the fact that you need proper nutrition in order to gain any real mass.  You can also learn a ton by reading about ostarine and it’s affects on muscle growth.  However, most are confused on just how to approach this.  We all here advice from others on just what we should be eating and when we should be eating.  Sometimes this advice can be ostarinereally good and other times it is downright incorrect.  We will help you understand what is important to do and what not to do.  We are going to show you how to easily make a nutrition plan that works for you and is in line with your goals.  Let’s face it you don’t need to eat like a horse if you aren’t going to be as big as a horse.  On the other hand you won’t want to eat like a bikini model if you are wanting to get as much muscle mass as possible.

You can think of your body like a high end luxury sports car.  Let’s say a buggatti for instance.  If you just went out and spend $2 million on a new car would you put just any kind of fuel in the engine and use the cheapest oil you could find.  Of course you wouldn’t.  Most likely you would do a ton of research and ask experts on the best fuel to use along with the oil that will allow your engine to last as long as possible.  We need to put the same thought process in to how we feed our bodies.

We have put together some awesome articles along with videos to help guide you through what is likely the most complicated part of the bodybuilding journey.  Our goal is to help you maximize your efforts and not waist your time working out without getting any results.  Unfortunately this is what most people out there are doing.  They are just listening to what their buddies are telling them without doing any real research for themselves.


bodybuilding nutrition


Bodybuilding Nutrition Plan

Let’s first talk about how to put together a nutrition plan that you can implement in your routine.

How many calories do you need?  This is one of the easiest pieces of the puzzle to figure out.  You can check out this Calorie Calculator that will tell you exactly how many calories you will need.  This is a great way to get you off to the best start.  After all, if you don’t know how many calories to take in each day you will either start putting on too much fat or just eating away at your muscle tissue.

What is your ultimate goal?  We all have different goals that we are trying to achieve with our routine.  Maybe you are trying to get really cut and have a ripped look.  Some of us are trying to get really big and become the next Hulk.  Whatever your goal might be you will need to set that now in order to determine just how many calories you are going to be consuming each day.  If you are looking at cutting then you can go as low as 20% under the recommended calorie count for the day.  For those of you that are bulking up you can go as high as 20% above the target calories per day.

Find out your calorie percentages.  You will now want to take a look at how you are going to get your calories.  We know that calories basically come from Protein, Carbohydrates and Fats.  It is very important that we get this percentage down correctly so we will end up with our desired outcome.  We need to understand that just getting the correct amount of calories isn’t enough.  Say for instance that you needed 2500 calories per day to bulk up.  If all these calories came from carbs by drinking 5 glasses of soda each day then you would not be giving your body the fuel it needs.  Here are some ratios that are considered by most professional as essential to your success.

40% Protein  –  40% Carbs  –  20% Fat    ( this is great for most bodybuilders )

40% Protein  –  50% Carbs  –  10% Fat     ( this is better for more energy )

50% Protein  –  10% Carbs  –  40% Fat     (  great for cutting phase )


You now have some really good knowledge on the basics of bodybuilding nutrition.  Remember that quality of the foods that you put in your body is far more important the the quantity.  While filling you body with empty calories by using things like butter and sugar may give you your target calorie count for the day, it won’t help at all when it comes to building muscle tissue.  Your best bet is to get your carbs and fats from good sources.  For carbs your best bet is by eating a healthy portion of vegetables.  In regards to fat for the day it is recommended that you stick with fat sources that have good sources of omega fatty acids.  These can be foods such as nuts.  The most favored by bodybuilders seems to be almonds as they are great source for good rich fats as well as healthy omega fatty acids which help with your overall health.  You can find in depth information on the site that will cover all types of diets and plans to help you eat for success.