At greatweightlifting.com we are going to bring you everything related to the bodybuilding industry.  We will dive into all the benefits of SARMs and Ostarine as well which have been really gaining a presence in the bodybuilding community.  From what types of exercises would be best for you to what type of supplements that you should take to reach your goals.  We strive to bring you the latest and most cutting edge information available today.  Let’s face it, there are a ton of differing opinions on just how to approach bodybuilding.  While most of these opinions are actually extremely valuable, there are some that just won’t work for everyone.  By far the best way to get the most current and reliable information is by listening to those that have accomplished that which you are trying to achieve.  If you have more questions about ostarine or SARMs you can find it below and on articles that we publish here on the site.  We will have all the insiders information on how ostarine is changing the landscape of the bodybuilding industry.


What we will provide our readers:

Bodybuilding Exercises and Workout Plans  –  We have found some of the most beneficial exercises for each muscle group.  We will cover in depth through articles and videos the best ideas from the beginners to someone that wants to take bodybuilding up as a career.

Bodybuilding Nutrition  –  Probably one of the most important factors with any successful routine is getting proper nutrition.  This is also the most often overlooked.  We will go over all you need to know on how to get the best foods for your goals.  Not everyone is after the same thing so we will help you tailor your diet to align with your individual goals.

Bodybuilding Supplements  –  This is by far the most controversial part of the bodybuilding industry.  This is partly due to the fact that all supplements don’t react the same for each person.  Our bodies respond differently to supplements from person to person.  Supplements like ostarine have really been noticed now and are quite unique in it’s results.  The fact is that ostarine is providing results without all the side effects.  What often happens is that consumers find themselves just taking advice from their buddies and don’t do their own homework.  We will open your eyes to this very complicated aspect of any routine.  You will see that there are many options for you to chose from.  We will make sure that you understand which supplements are going to be vitally important for you to take and which ones are totally optional.


ostarineIt has finally arrived!! A SARMs supplement that actually does what it says.  We have all seen the companies out there that promise to provide a real ostarine product only to find out it has just a bunch of herbs and vitamins.  Well Wicked Nutrition saw the demand in the market and has went with a full scale product launch of what is becoming known as the holy grail in the bodybuilding industry.

Social network has been buzzing over all the new research and data that has been coming out about this amazing new product.  We have been getting little bits and peices through forums.  Now it is actually happening.  While it may be a few more years before you will see ostarine pop up in your local GNC, some companies like Wicked Nutrition are moving full steam ahead.  While going through the trial process with their new product the team at Wicked nutrition were completely blown away at the results.  It was far surpassing any of their expectation and they knew they had something truly amazing on their hands.

Ostarine is quickly becoming the steroid replacement for those that just never had the nerve to try anabolics.  It’s been something this segment has been waiting for far to long.  With none of the negative side effects associated with anabolics and most of the positive results, it is regarded as the best all around supplement for anyone wanting to take their bodybuilding serious.

For those guys that are using anabolics, SARMs also known as ostarine has been able to help them in between cycles to help them to not lose that edge and all their hard work won’t be for nothing.  For those that are trying to completely cycle off of anabolics then this will give those guys the opportunity they have been looking for.

So with all the hype surrounding this supplement, we decided to give it a try ourselves.  I am not sure what we were expecting to see.  Without a doubt we were hoping for some great results as the industry is in dire need of something right now.

The results took us by surprise.  While it took a little longer to get things going then I was expecting, once they did the results were off the charts.  A few of the guys have already cycled off and have had almost no loss of their gains.  For certain it is not what I had expected.  I honestly thought we would see most of the gains go away very quick.  There is no question that it does everything that they say and promise.  I can say that the guys at Wicked Nutrition Labs have it figured out.




A word of warning when you are looking online for ostarine.  There are a ton and I mean a ton of sites out there offering up God only knows what.  There are a ton of injectables that we have looked at and contain all types of additives and chemicals.  Not to mention most are made in someones kitchen.  Wicked Nutrition only produces their products in cGMP certified facilities with all the required testing that is involved in the industry.  Don’t be fooled by all the crap that is out there.

As an added benefit to having an amazing product, we were surprised at just how good their customer service was.  When we would call and order ostarine from some of the other guys we could tell that we were talking to someone on their cell as they were driving in their car or at the jobs.  Wicked Nutrition has a very knowledgable staff that work around the clock to make you shopping experience a breeze.

I had a great conversation with one of the owners a few weeks back when I was telling him that we were going to be mentioning them on our site.  He took a ton of time with me and answered all my questions.  I could tell that he really knew what he was talking about.  He also told me about all the different markets they are involved in all over the world.  The funny thing is that he was saying that there are many other countries that are starting to surpass the US in sales.  I guess we have some competition when it comes to the bodybuilding industry.

He was saying that Australia is becoming one of the fastest growing markets and expects to see it totally explode over the next couple of years. One of the reasons is that SARMs ended up in the news a while back when some of their sports athletes were caught using the supplement during the off season. I would imagine that it will only be a matter of time before that same thing happens here in the US and it will most likely just go crazy. As it is right now SARMs is a well kept secret and is really only known by those in the industry or those that take their bodybuilding very serious.

Right now is a great time to by as well. The guys at Wicked Nutrition are always running specials to help promote their products. I would check their site often as they seem to run ads about every 6 weeks or so. The last time we ordered they were running an ad which came out to be about 40% off. They also always have volume discounts. They have a couple great options. The first is to order several bottles to receive a really good discount. Another option is to get together with a couple of your buddies and put an order in together. They offer wholesale prices for orders of 24 units and larger.

So I encourage you to take a little time and go check these guys out. They are the real deal!!